“... long, long time ago, I can still remember ....” -- I (Reinhard E. Wagner - active SMPTE and FKTG member) worked as IT, AV & Broadcast Technology Engineer.

  • Facility design
  • Digital editing suites (SDI and AES/EBU audio) with DVE's, CG's, Editbox, analogue component editing suite, with access to Quantel Paintbox, HAL Express, HAL, and discreet logic Flame
  • Off-Line editing support: AVID AudioVision 4.03 and two Avid Media Composer (MC8000, MC1000) with broadcast board - access to central machinery room with playback and record machines in 1 inch B and C format, U-Matic, DAT, SVHS, D1, DVW and BVW.
  • DTP/Publishing: Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, and Director 4.0 running on a Mac with I/O card.
  • ENG equipment: (DVW-700P, BVP-90P, BVP-50P, BVV-5)
  • Studio design: Packshot studio with chroma key and 60 square meter of production space
  • IT and LAN: Novell and Windows NT4.0 LAN-network with Microsoft Office Prof. applications, several DOS programs, SQLBase 6.1 database and others.

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